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  1. Pan & Track
  2. Cant & Tilt
  3. Outer Legs
  4. Inner Legs
  5. Types Of Feet
S7 Pan and Track

Bipod Panning and Tracking

Bipod Pan allows the rifle to be moved or swivel from left to right on a horizontal plane. The S7 bipod Pan-Track feature moves on needle bearings with a consistent smooth precision motion. The needle bearings are enclosed in a sealed housing to virtually eliminate any dust or debris in the bearings. The defined vibration-free tracking makes engaging moving targets and transitioning from target to target effortless. The S7 Pan-Track has the ability to pan 30° in both directions, for a full 60° of panning or tracking ability. The panning action is adjusted by a friction controlled tension lever, located on the rear of the bipod. Turning the lever clockwise will apply resistance, or totally lock-down the panning ability. This allows the bipod to be tension-ed from free to locked, or anywhere in-between in only 3/8 of a turn. The needle bearings have a rated work load of 1,000 pounds and are sufficient for any caliber rifle, up to and including the .50 Caliber BMG.  

Pan-Track Adjustments

The Pan-Track lever is designed to be positioned by the operator for one hand operation on the fly. The spring loaded lever allows the lever to be re-positioned without affecting the tension of the previous Pan-Track adjustment. This allows you to position the lever and manipulate it with your thumb, while holding the fore-arm of the rifle. To re-position, simply pull the lever out, rotate it along the screw, and release. This is specifically needed when the bipod is first installed on your MIL-STD rifle rail, and allows precision adjustments with one hand and minimal effort.

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S7 Canting and Tilting

Canting and Tilting

Canting or Tilting allows the bipod head to move left or right in a pivoting action. This gives you the ability to “Cant” or level your scope on uneven ground. A scope that is NOT level will greatly affect your accuracy on long range precision shots. While most bipod manufacturers only offer up to 15° of cant rotation, the S7 gives you 30° in each direction. With a full 60° of canting/tilting ability, the S7 bipod promotes a level scope at all times, no matter the terrain. This canting feature, paired with the extreme adjust ability of the legs, provide a comfortable and stable platform in almost any environment.

Cant-Tilt Bipod Adjustments

Just like the panning lever, the Cant/Tilt is adjusted by a friction controlled tension lever. It is located on the left side of the bipod. Depending on which side the lever is on pushing down will either apply resistance or loosen resistance, or totally lock down the bipods Canting or Tilting ability. The bipod head pivots smoothly regardless of how much tension is applied to the mechanism. The tilt tension is adjustable from completely free to completely locked in 3/8 of a turn, with an infinite amount of tension adjustment in-between. For one-handed operation, the lever can also be set to the user preferred position by pulling out and rotating the lever without affecting the previous Cant or Tilt tension adjustment.

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S7 Outer Legs

S7 Patented Outer Legs

The patented precision machined S7 bipod legs operate on a Roto-Lock type axis. The legs can be “Locked and Loaded” in 5 different positions. S7 legs can be locked at the 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180° degree positions. This feature, in combination with our pan and cant features, allow you as the operator to set-up the S7 bipod and level the cross-hairs in almost any terrain. Positioning the legs is simple; just push in and rotate to the desired position and the legs will snap into place. The outer legs are constructed from steel for strength and precision, while offering virtually no play. However, keeping in mind the different types of environments that you would be operating in, there is still enough room for dirt and debris to fall away. The patented adjustable locking legs provide the ability to “load the bipod” in any position, without failure. With the S7's legs locked in the 45 degree position, and the bipod properly “loaded” we are able to watch our own trace consistently shooting a 300 WSM. We are not aware of any other bipod manufacture that can make this claim.

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S7 Spring Legs

Spring-Loaded Interchangeable Inner Legs

The inner legs are spring-loaded and designed to be deployed downward with a simple push of the locking latches located near the bottom of the bipod. The S7 bipod legs can be adjusted for height with one-hand and rapidly deployed by simply pushing the locking lever. The legs are adjustable in ½ inch increments, to insure a solid shooting platform in any terrain. The legs are only notched where the latch meets the leg. This makes the legs much stronger than our competitors, and eliminates the “springy feel” when you take your shot. The locking latches are cut from solid blocks of 4140 chrome moly steel, and unmatched for strength and precision. On the reverse side of the locking latch are the removable leg retention screws. These screws can be removed so the legs/feet can be swapped-out in the field for competition specific situations.

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S7 Pan and Track

Mission Specific Types of Feet

As of now, the S7 Bipod offers two different types of interchangeable feet. We offer the S7 with Rubber feet, or our newly designed Raptor Claw. The bipod can be purchased with your preferred type, or you can purchase the additional legs along with your S7 as an accessory. Keep your eyes on our website, as we have plans to offer additional bipod accessories in the future. (SKI Type Feet, Pouches, Mounting Solutions, etc.)

S7 Rubber Feet

Rubber Feet

The S7 rubber feet are constructed from non-marring Santoprene for durability, but are soft enough to use safely on just about any surface. The Rubber feet tend to be more universal and allow traction on everything from car hoods, to rocky or harder surfaces like shooting benches. You will want to consider the rubber feet if you are concerned with damaging, or leaving marks with the heavy hitting long range rifles.

The Rubber feet include and angled bottom to allow greater contact with the shooting surface. This gives you the same amount of contact, no matter where the legs are positioned. The angle area itself, includes small ribs for better traction on smoother surfaces. The Santoprene® foot cup is .500” deep which provides more durability, and stability. The foot cup also covers the outer bipod legs for protection against dirt, debris, and harsh elements.

S7 Raptor Feet

The Raptor Claw

The Raptor Claws are a S7 original. These feet have been designed to enhance your shooting position when 'loading' the bipod or trying to grab onto any type of footing. With the S7's legs locked in the 45 degree position, the Raptor Claws attached, and the bipods 'loaded' we are able to watch our own trace regularly. This is something that many of us have been trying to achieve for years, and have finally been able to accomplish.

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